who we are

Brief description of Transmarine Tankers ApS

Transmarine Tankers ApS was founded and commenced business in December 1982, primarily as a Ship Management Company for external clients.

The company also offers Management Services in financial and shipping related activities and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We act solely as Ship Managers/Agents to clients (Owners or Charterer’s of ships) and operates a policy whereby it is financially independent from its clients. It is not involved in part-ownership or other financial investments in clients and/or their vessels and by the same token Clients have no vested interests in Transmarine Tankers ApS.

The management of the vessels is carried out on a strict contractual basis for an agreed fee. A standard BIMCO approved contract form is normally used.

Flexibility, short communication lines and less bureaucracy.

When it comes to ship management, bureaucracy can be heavy and take a long time.
We always try to minimize the bureaucracy, and as we are a smaller organization there is a short way from talk to action. We can therefore act fast and swiftly and quickly find a solution that suits your needs.

Economic responsibility

When we are managing a ship, the economic responsibility of the vessel is borne solely by the owner/timecharterer. Eventual sea-going personnel are employed directly by the clients (owners) and also paid by them, as are stores, bunkers, port costs, provisions, spares and repairs etc.

Funds are provided by the respective clients who in turn give Transmarine Tankers ApS power-of-attorney to handle the payments of the day-to-day operational and running costs.

Safety & Quality

As a ship management company we aim for the highest standards within safety and quality.


We have during the years been able to establish favourable credit terms.

Flexible services

Technical management, Safety management, Time Charter management.